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music apps

music apps

I bet you’re reading this on your phone. 

Are we right? 

We’re constantly on our smartphones, so it wouldn’t be a surprise. And we spend the majority of that time on apps (85 percent of the time, to be exact). 

One group who benefits from industry-specific apps in particular are musicians. Being able to write, produce, and mix music on-the-go is one of the many blessings of modern day audio tech. 

There are tons of apps that could make your life easier and you’re playing smoother. Here are 5 of the best music apps for musicians. 

1. Yousician 

Designed by musicians for musicians. This means the developers thought about every little detail you’d need in an app. For example: mentors.

Personal tutors/mentors can be expensive, but Yousician provides you with the lessons you need to improve your skills. 

And if you like to teach yourself, there are hundreds of tutorials, exercises, and games to ensure that you keep making progress with your instrument.

2. Songwriter’s Pad 

Next time you’re in the car, on the train, or flying through the sky, don’t reach for your iPhone’s Notes (we do it, too, it’s fine). Try Songwriter’s Pad instead.

If you’re always alert to beautiful rhymes or clever word combos while you’re on the go, this app is for you. Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or new to the game, the Songwriter’s Pad will give you a bunch of tips and tricks to help.

Struggling to come up with a rhyme? Just search in the rhyming dictionary within the app to discover the best ways to rhyme. If you ever experience writer’s block, this app will give you the creative spark to keep going even when things get tough.

3. Piano 

Piano by Gismart is a great music app for learning how to play an instrument. If you’re starting out as a musician, this virtual simulator can allow you to learn on the go.

Have you always wanted to play the grand piano? Or, have you ever imagined yourself as an organ maestro? 

Chances are you won’t be able to go from a total novice to a master by using this Piano app alone. You might have to — and I know this sounds crazy — actually pick up the real-life instrument at some point. 

Nonetheless, you can’t really get tired of playing with the app. There are games, such as The Magic Tiles, which teaches you how to perform famous songs. 

4. GarageBand 

Many musicians cannot afford to have their own recording studio, but with GarageBand, you can have the convenience on your smartphone.

You can track, produce, and mix your music with this app. You can even launch your own podcast.

5. Road Trip 

If you want to make a living from being a musician, you need to know how to manage your road trip finances. You don’t want to find yourself breaking the bank on tours, even locally.

If you’re always touring the country, it can be overwhelming to breakdown your expenses. Road Trip can help you keep a track of everything from your gas to buying snacks. You can even plan your route via the app. 

So, what now?

From improving your musical performance to making life as a musician easier, these five apps can change your life (bold statement, but let’s be real). 

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