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An Honest Year

An Honest Year

With 200,000+ listens on their most popular song and a wave of fans still following their every move, An Honest Year’s legacy stays alive. I sat down with Jon, Stephen, and Matt to talk about being a DIY band, what touring is really like, and why the guys called it quits in 2016 (spoiler: there’s no hard feelings)!

An Honest Year formed in Orlando, FL in 2012 before moving to Philly to grow their audience. The band toured the country for four years, released a few EPs, and built a family of lifelong friends and fans.

Despite the success, the guys explain why being a DIY local band isn’t all “one big party”—finances, home life, and 9-5s can weigh down the dream chase. So heads up to all you local bands: the AHY dudes offer advice on how to manage your money on the road, what should take priority, and how to make the dream possible if it’s what you really want.

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And even though #RIPAHY is too real, you can still check out their old stuff:

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