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Record stores

Record stores

Happy National Gratitude Month! Our team is giving thanks this November to some of our favorite artists.

We’re not the only ones who use music as an outlet, considering the significant link between exposure to music/vibrative sound and reduced stress. Cheers to the season of holiday, family, and Q4 revenue stress! If you need some new pick-me-up music, here are a few artists our team is grateful for:

Andrew says, 

“I’m grateful for A Tribe Called Quest. As a kid, they opened my eyes to the entire genre of hip-hop that was alternative, funky and wildly creative. Even today, their influence is still recognized in hip-hop artists trying to break away from the trends. RIP Phife Dawg!”

Jen says,

“I’m grateful for the 60s Motown artists — the Temptations (of course), the Supremes, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, etc. — for igniting my love for music, teaching me about rhythm and harmony (though I have neither), and giving me my first lessons in love. I’ll never forget listening in my mom or dad’s car, and they’re still the songs I sing along to every time.”

Harman says, 

“’m eternally grateful for the music of the Velvet Underground. Finding their music in high school opened my eyes to the world of music beyond the traditional and conventional. They’re one of the most dynamic bands of all time and are criminally under-appreciated in my opinion.”

Johnny says,

“I’m grateful for Bassnectar, his “wub-wubs” and “mega bass drops” pulsate through my brain taking me on creative visionary journeys never experienced before.” (He’s kidding, but if we had to read this terrible description, so do all of you.)

Kristen says,

“I’m grateful for my first favorite band, Blink-182. My mom wouldn’t let me listen to ‘All the Small Things” when it first dropped, so I knew I had to anyway. Rebellious Kristen fell in love with punk rock/pop-punk — whatever you wish to label it — immediately after that.”

Parker says,

“I’m thankful for The Beach Boys.  There is simply nothing better than a beautiful day, a convertible, and Good Vibrations coming through the speakers.”


Now, we’ll pose the question to you: which artist(s) are you grateful for? We’ll check ’em out.


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