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beat instagram algorithm

instagram algorithm

Instagram is an ever-evolving platform with approximately 112 million active users each day. But, there’s a catch.

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing, meaning old tips that worked last year, or even a few months ago, won’t help you now.

Want to finally hit that 10k and get the “swipe up” feature? Here are some of our best Instagram algorithm tips to keep your photos where you want them to be: in front of your target audience. 

1. Post quality content

Here’s a hard-to-swallow pill: It doesn’t matter how many people see your posts if you don’t have good quality content. As such, you should perfect your photos and video editing skills so you make content that stands out.

Consider taking a photography course, either online or in person, to help improve your content. With an up-to-date phone and some practice, you can get the colors, framing, and composition right relatively easily and quickly.

Many Instagram users also ensure that their photos are uniform or follow a consistent pattern or color (theme). This helps users see that this page is yours and helps them immediately recognize your brand identity.

2. Post daily

Post photos and videos daily to beat the current Instagram algorithm. Consistency is key, and it helps you build your relationship with followers. If they know you’re going to post every day, they’ll be looking forward to interacting with the content.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up and post photos and videos, even if your account only focuses on one medium. This can help add some variety to your account and keep users engaged.

3. Engagement is everything (seriously)

Wave goodbye to buying followers (not that it ever really worked). All those bots that fill your follower count aren’t actually interacting with you. Here’s the catch: you have to engage with your followers’ content too. 

This means you should always reply to DMs people send you, reply to comments, and post comments on other people’s pages. If you use the follow for follow method, ensure that you actually interact with your followers, otherwise, they may see you as just a spam page they have no interest in engaging with.

4. Boost your posts

Once you know who your target audience is, you can start to boost your posts monetarily. This means paying a fee for your post to appear as a sponsored post in other people’s feeds.

This is a great way to spread your company or brand’s message while reaching people who would likely engage with your content if they hadn’t come across it organically.

You should, however, wait to do this until you’re solid on who your target audience is. If you just target everyone who has ever used Instagram, you won’t have as much success as someone who is targeting precisely.

Ready to beat the Instagram algorithm? 

These Instagram algorithm tips are just a few ways you can help boost your presence on the platform. And with anything, it takes time and dedication.Are you ready to create some Insta-worthy content? Contact us to make it happen.


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