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2020 podcast

2020 podcast

Be honest: when did you switch your morning commute entertainment from radio to podcasts? 

Probably a while ago like the rest of us.

With podcasts being all the rage over the last few years, we wanted to share a few of our favorites. Here are the best (okay, maybe we’re biased) podcasts you should listen to in 2020.

1. Lead to Win Podcast

If you’re looking to succeed in 2020 (let’s be real: who isn’t?), then the Lead to Win podcast is just the ticket you need. This podcast is all about sharing the secrets of rising to the top.

Best selling author and podcasting pro, Michael Hyatt gives you easy life tips that will help you to reach your personal and career goals.

Lead to Win is especially beneficial for those who are in leadership roles and want to enhance their skills. You’ll learn how to increase your personal productivity to become a better self leader or team leader by using actionable tips.

2. The School of Greatness Podcast

The road to greatness can be as bumpy as an unpaved country road (….take me home). However, if you know where all the bumps are, it makes the road easier to navigate.

On the School of Greatness podcast, Lewis Howes interviews people who have overcome life’s challenges — and navigated the bumpy roads — to become successful in their field.

You can expect interviews with people from all walks of life and this diversity is what makes the podcast worth a listen. Hear from celebrities, athletes, influencers and top motivational speakers on the show.

3. The Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast

Life can always get a little better, right? And we’re all about that self-improvement in 2020. Enter: Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen’s episodes normally last for 20 minutes and they teach you how to create happiness in everyday life. There is always a happiness activity that you can try at home.

The happiness activity is usually given after an in-depth lesson on happiness. Gretchen also takes the time to answer listeners’ questions during the podcast.

4. Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast

Ready to fuel your entrepreneurial fire? If you’re ready to break away from your nine to five job, then this podcast is for you. 

The Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast will inspire you to work hard to achieve your dreams and your goals as an entrepreneur, as host John Lee Dumas interviews some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. You will also learn tips that will help you to succeed no matter what niche of business you want to start. You may even be inspired to start your own podcast for your business.

A Final Look at the Best Podcasts for 2020

Your time is precious and if you are going to start listening to a podcast in 2020, it better be worth your time. Podcasts should enhance your life, just as any other medium does, even if it’s solely for entertainment. 

Take the time this year to check out the best podcasts listed here and you are sure to end 2020 with more knowledge, insights, and skills.

Introducing you to great podcasts isn’t all we do. If you would like to hear our music picks go to our music playlist, or hit us up if you’re ready to kick off your audio dreams.


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