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Record storesIf you’re a music lover (and, let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog you most certainly are) you know that collecting vinyl records isn’t just some comeback fad, it’s a lifelong hobby. 

Because even if you have a massive digital music library, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as taking that record out of the sleeve, putting it on the player, and hearing that crisp sound as soon as the needle drops. 

Luckily, for music fanatics in Philadelphia, there are some truly great record shops that suit your needs, whether you’re looking to browse or buy another one (or two or three or four) for your library. 

These are the five best record stores in the region that every vinyl enthusiast must check out, thanks to their affordable prices, extensive collections, and overall rockin’ vibes. 

Brewerytown Beats 

Although it’s one of the newest additions to the Philly record scene, this has quickly become one of the most beloved shops in the city. Right in—you guessed it—Brewerytown, this simplistic, yet modern vinyl shop offers up 45s, LPs, and cassettes in all genres, but specializes in hip-hop, funk, and soul. 

Sit & Spin Records

For those about to rock: head to the South Philly record store specializing in punk and metal. Whether you want to add to your hard rock vinyl collection, or you want to contribute to theirs (they’ll buy your records, CDs and cassettes, so long as they’re in good shape), this is the spot. 

Common Beat Music 

The only thing better than spending hours in a record store is spending hours in a record store that also sells instruments. This West Philly gem has a wide variety of records to choose from, as well as one-stop shopping for any musician, thanks to their music repair services. 

Repo Records 

No trip to South Street is complete without a visit to Repo Records. This classically no-frills record shop (which has been a Philly staple since the mid-80s) has every genre you want, as well as a super knowledgeable staff who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Main Street Music 

We can’t lie, we have a soft spot for our Manayunk neighbors right down here on Main Street. Of course, it’s not just that they’re familiar mainstays, it’s that this awesome record store has releases both new and old, as well as rad in-store performances. 


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