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Media Presence Camera

Media Presence Camera

Content is king (or queen). And your media presence relies on it.

You can never have enough — and in today’s media consumption free-for-all, consistent brand promotion is essential for both personal and professional websites and social media accounts.

Luckily, upgrading your online presence isn’t hard. All it takes is an understanding of your audience and the creativity to produce original content.

From vlogs to podcasts to photoshoots to catchy jingles, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of today’s growing media smorgasboard of visual and audio content.

Video rejuvenated the radio star

If you’re looking to market, promote, advertise, or engage, video content is your go-to. Videos are easy to digest, tell a story, and are often the quickest form of communication with your audience.

Here are a few ideas on how to adopt video to your content plan:

  • Instagram Stories/Social Media Videos – Get behind the scenes and create a personal connection with your audience. When it comes to IG stories and videos for social, stay vertical — 94% of smartphone users hold their phone vertically, so make sure your story suits the trend.
  • YouTube Channel – Want to break into an audience of nearly 1.6 billion monthly active viewers? Create a YouTube channel to post behind the scenes vlogs, informational videos, interviews with influencers and team members, and more. And if you get enough traction, adsense can add a little extra income for you or your company.
  • Product Tutorials – Showing how your product works gives your audience an even more detailed view of the value of your product. See how these 10 trendsetting companies are using product tutorials to get some ideas.
  • Testimonials – What better way to promote your product than have your customers (especially influencers) do it for you? Letting your customers become your voice creates proof of concept and increases your product’s street cred.

Oops!…I did a podcast again

Despite bursting onto iTunes in 2005, podcasts have officially “arrived” as of 2018 with 48 million people (just in the US), listening weekly. The writing’s on the wall (and in the show notes).

But just recording you talk about your brand isn’t going to increase your followers and listeners.

You have to tell a story, whether it’s about the history of your industry or it’s an interview series with experts in your field. Slack, GE, Sephora, and ZipRecruiter are just a few companies that are making waves with branded podcasts.

Once you get your theme in place and get together the context of your first few podcasts, it’s time to record. Any audio studio will have the capabilities to record, but modern studios are adopting podcasting booths and specialized areas to record these worthy conversations.

Look at this photograph

Yes, that’s a Nickelback quote and no, we’re not sorry about making you read it.

So maybe video is outside your budget and you don’t have time to record a podcast. Well, you know all the stock photos you’ve been using with the same plant-covered, minimalist desks and women laughing at salad? Those need to go. It’s time to hire a photographer and set up a shoot.

Whether it’s for a personal or business account, there are endless ways to upgrade your photos:

  • You recently launched a new product: shoot professional photos showcasing the highlights of the product.
  • You got a haircut: especially if you’re an influencer, it’s essential you let the world know about your new, edgy bangs. Grab some new headshots for you and your employees when there’s a change in your roster.
  • You just finished an office renovation: add new photos showing off your new space
  • Switch out the “fake people” in your stock photos with your real team: hire a photographer to stop by your home or workplace and take a few shots.

No matter what you or your company specialize in, photos are a wonderful and easy way to provide your audience with a fresh look at your brand.

Make this your year to shine with a new stack of fun and engaging content. Don’t spread yourself too thin, but try a few of our ideas.

Provide your audience with content that suits their interests. Once you figure that out, book with us at MNYK Studios where we have audio, video, and photo resources to help make 2019 your best year yet.


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