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Music podcast

Music podcast

Following your passion and getting started as a musician is a thrilling time. After all, you’re following your dream and sharing your gifts with the world.

But it can also be filled with a lot of white noise. Whether it’s industry advice from other well-meaning (or sometimes not-so-well-meaning) artists or concerns from friends and family (yes, we know all about health insurance, thanks), it can easily interfere with your hopes and goals as a musician.

One of the best ways to combat unsolicited advice and get solid intel and inspiration is through some legitimately helpful and informative music podcasts. Granted, there are like, a million podcasts out there, so we’ve narrowed them down for you.

Here are the five best podcasts about music if you’re an artist getting your start:  

The Business Side of Music: A show specifically designed for independent and up-and-coming artists, host Bob Bender is a music industry vet who guides the way for listeners through interviews with fellow pros and artists. Bender chats with experts in everything from pre-production to concert promotion, all while sharing his own insights and advice on what makes (or breaks) great music in the biz.

Inside Home Recording: Whether you’re planning on cutting your own records at home or want to know the ins and outs before heading to a studio, the Inside Home Recording podcast. Hosted by musicians and studio engineers, the show welcomes fascinating guests and with over a hundred episodes to listen to, you’ll be an expert about what goes into recording and studios in no time.

Pensado’s Place: Sorry, but you can’t listen to this podcast on your drive like the other podcasts, as this one is a videocast. But this one is a favorite amongst musicians, and with good reason. Hosted by Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado, this show has interviews with famed music songwriters, producers, and engineers sharing their invaluable experiences. The show also delves directly into topics such as mixing bass on small speakers and using formant reverb in a mix.

When Life Hands You Lennons: While listening to experts give tips and tell you how they got where they are is undoubtedly helpful, no one knows better than what you’re going through right now than a fellow aspiring artist. That’s where Lennon Cihak comes in. His podcast is dedicated to navigating the industry when you don’t have connections and how to get ahead of the pack while keeping your artistry intact.

Women of Substance: You know how it’s poor form to leave after your set at open mic nights? Same goes for the industry as a whole. You should be supportive of your fellow indie artists, find your favorites, and gain inspiration through your shared art: music. One of the best sources for must-hear female artists and their music is the podcast Women of Substance. Host Bree Noble picks amazing playlists every week, and who knows, maybe someday your own tracks could get play on the podcast.

Let us know if you check out any of the above podcasts! We’re avid listeners, so we’d love to chat. Hit us up on Instagram or Twitter.


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