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the maine

the maine

Photos by: Kristen Humphries

If you start off singing the phrase, “Break down, hysteric and young, uncomfortably numb, then you sent my pain into oblivion,” you’re in for a night of self-reflection. Fitting, how The Maine named the tour “The Mirror.”

With a crowd dressed in yellow and screaming “and all my friends, oh they were singing along”, it felt like we showed up to a gathering of long-time friends more than a show with strangers. The sense of community was unavoidable and when John O’Callaghan (lead vocalist) polled the crowd, it turns out there were a handful of newcomers in the room. I’m sure they felt the same sense of welcoming we did.

As the night went on, The Maine played a solid mix from their entire discography, catering to fans old and new. You could tell who remembered when “I Must Be Dreaming” first released and who fell in love with “Heaven, We’re Already Here” just a few months ago (though 99% of the room knew every single lyric to every single song). It’s no surprise the band put on another incredible show, but it was the more intimate moments that have stuck with us days after the show ended.

During “Am I Pretty?” the screens read reassuring phrases like, “You are brave.” There was a photobooth with up-facing mirrors so you could literally face your reflection (scary, but much-needed). “(Un)lost” welcomed a proposal—and a Korn singalong—to the B stage. You could place fake flowers on a grave, expressing your personal growth and the death of what you were—an ode to the closing song of the night “Flowers on the Grave.”

Can’t say we’ve seen another band in quite some time who cares as much about its fans as The Maine does.

The Mirror is not your average gig where you show up, dig the music, and go home. When you see The Maine this time around, expect a welcoming, transformative experience of togetherness and certainty that You Are OK.

Check out our view of The Mirror below and let us know what you think!


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