amplify, capture, showcase.

From your homemade tissue box guitar to your Les Paul custom—your memories and your dreams are who you are. Let’s bring ’em to life. 

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located in your friendly Philadelphia neighborhood.

Manayunk’s often called the “Secret Gem of Philadelphia.” No, we didn’t make that up and no, we’re not biased (yes we are). When you visit MNYK Studios, you’re part of the Manayunk family. Stroll down Main Street to grab a bite and do some shopping in between sessions. 


A talented team of outside-the-box
videographers, photographers, audio engineers + mixers, producers, and more.
Here when you need us to add a little MNYK magic. 



Bill is a professional photographer and videographer with experience in portraits, weddings, live events, and more.

Andrew Mclean


Audio Engineer

Andrew is the owner of Andrew McLean Studio. He’s a professional musician, producer, mix engineer, and audio consultant.


Visual Engineer

Abad specializes in visual effects and motion control using his Steadicam, Cinebot, probe lens, and more. His past experience includes NFL Skycam operator and 30′ camera crane owner/operator for large scale concerts and major events.


Session Guitarist + Audio Engineer

Matt is a performer and session guitarist with 10 years of professional experience. He performs, writes, and records regularly with his band Rad and Kell.

Kristen Humphries


Studio Coordinator

Kristen is a music journalist, songwriter, and Third Eye Blind enthusiast—and she’s also the one you’ll be talking to most (so feel free to drop a line about warm, shimmery guitar leads and she’ll be your best friend).


Writer + Director

If there is one way to describe Terry, it would be as this: a writer/director (though he’s also a producer, shooter, editor, and grip). He spends most of his days writing scripts and story outlines for clients and it’s the part he truly enjoys the most.


Audio Engineer

Dan is an Audio Engineer, Producer, and Microphone Designer that has been working in Philadelphia studios for over 10 years. With attention to detail and experience working in all genres of music, he has helped hundreds of artists find their sound.



Drew’s experience ranges from video work with US Soccer and US Field Hockey to music videos, advertisements, and corporate videos.



Do you have parking?

We’re located on Station Street where you can find free parking right outside the studio doors (perfect for loading in and out), as well as connecting streets. If Station is full, try Jamestown, Pensdale, and Shurs. If you would rather park in a lot, Venice Island is a 2-minute walk from the studio (cost varies depending on stay).

What are your rates?

You can find our rates and services for each studio space here! Just click on each space to view pricing. For specifics and special pricing, email [email protected]

What are your hours?

We operate all hours by appointment only! We do request that you book a session and give us a heads up at least 48-hours in advance. We offer discounted rates for sessions 12 AM – 8 AM.

How and where can I book a session?

You can book online here. Kristen, our Studio Coordinator, will review and approve your session request and get back to you with details. For special requests or questions, you can contact Kristen directly at [email protected]

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