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Niche Podcast

Niche Podcast

Can’t fall asleep? Love vampires and Star Wars? Jam to punk music? To be honest, if you answered “yes” to these questions…we want to meet you. What a gem you must be.

The MNYK Studios team gathered a list of all our favorite niche podcasts, from monotone, sleep-inducing voices to an in-depth Star Wars overview to murder recaps. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to long commutes or daily workouts, look no further:

Jen, Podcast Connoisseur (but also our Project Manager)

Lore: A podcast that tells listeners about the true history behind common folklore. Some of the covered topics: the New Jersey devil, Chicago’s murder castle, vampires, Bloody Mary, and more. Be warned, this podcast is a combination of spooky and soothing.”

Sleep With Me: Ever have trouble falling asleep? You’re in luck. This podcast includes a monotone narrator droning on about random topics for an hour at a time. The best part: you are guaranteed to fall asleep within 10 minutes of putting it on.”

Revisionist History: In Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, he explores—in a different light—events, phenomena, and other things we think we know the truth about. Every episode covers a topic that makes you think, ‘hm, I didn’t know that.’ It’s great for learning little-known histories and backstories of things.”

My Favorite Murder: A true-crime comedy (wait what?) podcast. In this podcast, hosts Georgia and Karen regale listeners with true crime cases, with a comedic spin.”

Claire Biordi, Legendary Studio Intern

“My all-time favorite podcast is Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. If you haven’t listened to any episodes yet, you should! He’s awesome.”

Harman, Content Strategist

“Here’s a link to one of my favorite episodes of my favorite podcast (the only podcast I really listen to.) It’s called Turned Out A Punk.
It’s recorded by Damian Abraham from the band Fucked Up. He interviews a whole range of people who have either grown up listening to or playing punk music or just had their life changed by the genre. The best thing is that it isn’t really all punk artists that he interviews. This interview, for example, is with Anthony Bourdain. He’s interviewed legendary punks, comedians, actors, rappers, etc. It’s a great podcast if you’re a punk/music history buff like me. Definitely a niche podcast but hands down my favorite. “

Andrew, Studio Coordinator

Inside Star Wars: This 7-part series takes listeners through the 1977 story that started it all. From George Lucas’ struggles to the rivalry of C-3PO and R2-D2, this podcast fills fans in on the people, characters and little known facts that made this saga come to life.”
Parcast Presents: Summer of ’69: From the Parcast Network, this series takes on the 50th anniversary of one of the most notorious summers of all time. From the Vietnam War to the Zodiac Killer to the Moon Landing, this series separates events into their own episodes and dives into the explosive stories behind them.”

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